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Connection BTF030 Competition Y Split 0.3m Interconnect RCA

  • Brand: Connection
  • Product Code: BTF030
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Connection BTF030 Competition Y Split 0.3m Interconnect RCA

Competition grade interconnect Y Split 0.3m 2 Female to 1 Male


  • "BT” series high efficiency signal cables
  • Soft touch, matte black jacket makes for an extremely flexible cable
  • Polyamide polymer inner jacket protects inner conductors
  • 110% twisted Mylar and double aluminium shield rejects RFI and EMI
  • Winding twisted pair balanced conductors reject low frequency electro-magnetic fields aiding in noise rejection
  • Cascaded dual aluminium shield to eliminate radiated interference and ensure
  • “noise-free” signal transfer
  • Over 100dB noise rejection
  • Platinum satin ABSTM style machined metal contacts
  • Extended remote turn on wire, built-in remote conductor for ease of installation
  • Tug-proof sealed internal connection for maximum reliability
  • Moulded y block for protection of the conductors in critical split point
  • “Competition grade” performance

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